UNGC-GRI REGIONAL SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT ON AUGUST 20, 2019 at the conrad hotel, philippines

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In 2010, UNGC and GRI formalized its collaboration as partners for advancing corporate responsibility and transparency. This new partnership included the development of GRI-set guidance on UNGC’s Ten Principles, the integration of UNGC issue areas into GRI’s iteration of its Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, and the adoption of GRI Guidelines as the recommended reporting framework for all UNGC members around the globe. UNGC and GRI further developed reporting tools and publications, the most recent of which is “Integrating the SDGs to Corporate Reporting: A Practical Guide” launched at the UN Headquarters in New York in August 2018.  

For 2019, GRI and UNGC will once more drive the partnership it has built over the years – and do so at the regional-local level. Building on the momentum created in the October 2018 Summit, UNGC and GRI will hold a 2019 Regional Sustainability Summit to be held once more in the Philippines.


The  2019 Regional Sustainability Summit will host:

· The CEO SDG Circle Forum – top CEOs in the country engage in an exclusive and     high-level discussion on sustainable business and value creation in     specific industries offering the biggest market opportunities supporting     the Global Goals, all anchored on the Four (4) Pillars of the UN’s     Partnership Framework for Sustainable Development in the Philippines:     People, Planet and Prosperity, and Peace.

· A Forum for Sustainability Professionals on     sustainable business, the value chain, and sustainability reporting -     comprised of panel discussions, best practice case studies, and success stories. 

· The regional launch of “Integrating the SDGs to Corporate Reporting”

This one-day Summit will be powered by a pack of business thought leaders and pioneers of SDG work in the country and the Asian region, partners from the government, UN representatives, and heads from UNGC’s and GRI’s global offices.

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As seats are limited, we encourage interested participants to call the secretariat , Ella, at 6345722. before July 30, 2019.  





The GCNP Principle-Based SDG Workshop Program is designed to provide GCNP members and non-members the opportunity to learn and be inspired to implement SDG programs for their own companies and organizations with the UN Global Compact Ten Principles as its foundation.

There will be an option to have a Certificate of Participation for attending a specific workshop and a Certificate of Full Participation for attending all workshops during the year. 

SDG Workshop Program


The SDG Workshop curriculum will be based on the UN Global Compact’s SDG Blueprint, UN Global Compact’s Goals and Targets, UN Global Compact’s SDG Matrix and utilizing the UNGC Case studies as well as local best practices from companies who are already practicing SDG programs.

The curriculum will be updated every year to provide more tools and new case studies.

The Program will utilize seminars in teaching the 10 Principles and focused SDGs and workshops to determine the level of understanding of the participants by providing a case study and actual presentation of their proposed SDG Program 

Certificate of Participation


All participants will be given a Certificate of Participation or Full Participation for attending the workshops.  GCNP Members will be given the  GCNP-logoed SDG Certificate while non-members will be given the SDG Certificate.  This certificate recognizes attendance to the workshop. It does not indicate that the participant has accomplished the intended learning outcomes. 

Interested participants are encouraged to attend the SDG Workshops annually so that they can remain updated on new developments and best practices. 



Module 1 – Theories on Principles and Blueprint

Trainer: GCNP Local Network and UNDP/UN Agencies

This will be a seminar type of learning by sharing the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles, blueprints for leadership of SDGs, goals and targets, and industry matrix samples.

Instruction Time : 1 hour

Module 2 – Reporting

Trainer: GRI Trainer 

This will be seminar type of learning to teach the reporting requirements aligned with the UN Global Compact’s COP policy and GRI reporting related to the 10 Principles and focused SDGs. A mini workshop will follow after the lecture.

Instruction Time : 2 hours & 30 mins.

Module 3 – Best Practices Aligned with UNGC SDG Industry Matrix

Trainer: GCNP Member Volunteers

This will be a sharing session by local companies who will share best practices and case studies of SDG programs related to specific SDG/s being discussed.

Instruction Time : 30 minutes per speaker with 2 to 3 speakers.

Module 4 – Workshop

Trainer: Academe, Philippine Marketing Learning Institute (MIP) 

Participants will be grouped by 5 to 8 (depending on how many attendees) with an activity to propose an application of the 10 Principles or focused SDG of the product/service/industry they will be assigned to.

Activity Time: 30 minutes group discussion plus 5 minutes presentation each group. Total of one hour for the entire activity.



WORKSHOP 1: August 3, 2018
 Ten Principles

Speaker Line Up/Topics:

  1. Yayu Javier, GCNP Local Network Rep/Chairperson - UNGC 10 Principles
  2. Mika   Kanervavuori, Senior Human Rights Advisor   - UN Human Rights Approach
  3. Atty. Paul Estrella, Ateneo Human Rights - Philippine Law Applications
  4. Boyet  Florencio, GRI Trainer, ADFIAP   - GRI Reports aligned with UN Global Compact Goals and Targets Guidelines    
  5. Vickie Tan, Head, Group Risk Management & Sustainability Unit, Ayala Corp - Best Practices of Environment Protection and Governance
  6. Yoly Crisanto - SVP/Head of Communications, Globe Telecom -  E-Waste Recycling Program & Code of Ethics/ Governance
  7. Mr. Florante Panganiban, Head, Operations Management and Sustainability, Manila Water Co., Inc.- Environmental Protection
  8. Dr. Assunta C. Cuyegkeng,  Ateneo Institute of Sustainability - Industry-Based Group Workshop

WORKSHOP 2:  August 6, 2018
 SDG #11 Sustainable Cities and SDG#9 Industry Innovation & Infrastructure

  1. Yayu Javier, GCNP Local Network Rep/Chairperson - SDG#11 Aligned with UNGC Principles
  2. Christopher E.   Rollo,  UN   Habitat   Country   Programme Manager    
  3. Ms. Tonilyn Lim, Country Representative, UNIDO - Platforms that Enabled Sustainable Solutions
  4. Boyet  Florencio, GRI Trainer, ADFIAP   - GRI Reports aligned with UN Global Compact Goals and Targets Guidelines  
  5. AYALA - Best Practices on Sustainable Cities
  6. Sankie   Simbulan, Pilipinas   Shell Petroleum Corp. Social   Performance and Social Investment Manager  -  Power of   City/Road Safety/Protection of Cultural Heritage   
  7. Harold   Enriquez, ADEC   Innovation  Assistant Vice President Corporate Planning - Data Driven Solutions for Sustainable Cities 
  8. Dr. RJ   Sustiguer, Marketing   Institute of the Philippines Executive Dean - Group Workshop on Formulating Goals of SDG # 11 aligned with UN Global Compact             

WORKSHOP 3: August 7, 2018
 SDG #8 and #5
  Decent Work and Gender Equality

  1. Dr.   Milton Amayun, SDG Workshop Chairman, President of International Care Ministries, Inc. -  SDG #8 and #5 Aligned with UNGC Goals
  2. Concepcion Sardana, Senior Programme Officer , ILO -  Gender   Equality in the Workplace, Women Employment    
  3. Charisse   Jordan , National   Project Officer of Safe Cities Metro Manila Programme, UN Women - Women Empowerment and Equality     Women Empowerment and Equality  
  4. Rena Dona, Assistant Representative, UNFPA - Women empowerment to cover GBV prevention (including violence against women)
  5. Boyet  Florencio, GRI Trainer, ADFIAP - GRI Reports aligned with UN Global Compact Goals and Targets Guidelines  
  6. Manila  Doctors  Hospital -  Policies for the Right Working Environment for Women 
  7. Atty. Krisma Indira Ria Guyala, Nestle Philippines Head, Corporate Employee Relations  - Driven by Purpose, Guided by the Value of Respect (for Self, for   Others, for Diversity & the Future)   
  8. Dr. RJ  Sustiguer, Marketing Institute of the Philippines Executive Dean - Group Workshop on Formulating Goals of SDG # 8 & #5 aligned with UN Global Compact     

WORKSHOP 4: August 8, 2018
 SDG #3
 Good Health and Well-Being

  1. Dr.   Milton Amayun, SDG Workshop Chairman, President of International Care Ministries, Inc. -  SDG #3 Aligned with UNGC Goals
  2. Rajendra   Prasad Hubraj,  WHO - Philippine Health Issues Related to SDG#3
  3. Georgina Pia Belardo,  UNICEF Corporate Alliances Officer  - Neo-Natal and  Stunting
  4. Dr. Joseph Michael Singh,  National Program Officer,  UNFPA - Importance   of SDG 3, Key SDG indicators for the Philippines, Maternal and Neonatal Deaths, Teen Pregnancy, HIV infections, Young People, SDG 3 and the link to other SDGs, Why   investing in Young People makes good business sense     
  5. Boyet  Florencio, GRI Trainer, ADFIAP - GRI Reports aligned with UN Global Compact Goals and Targets Guidelines 
  6. Manila   Doctors Hospital -      Providing Medical Services to Underprivileged   
  7. Dr. Rufi Macagba, Lorma   Medical Center and Lorma Colleges Chairman and President - Sustainable Programs for Communities  and Health Care Operations
  8. Rina O. Baybay, Director-Admin Support, NST Global Corp./ Hamlin Industrial Corp.- Business Action for Family Planning in the Workplace
  9. Dr. RJ  Sustiguer, Marketing Institute of the Philippines Executive Dean - Group Workshop on Formulating Goals of SDG # 3 aligned with UN Global Compact  

WORKSHOP 5: August 16, 2018
 Case Presentation 


Participants will be asked to present their case studies (which will be their own company) covering the following areas:

  1. Identifying opportunities to better implement the 10 Principles.
  2. Determining which SDG would be most relevant to their company.
  3. Designing SDG programs for their company.
  4. Determining methods and reports for the SDGs.

The Session will be limited to only 12 participants with 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes panel comments.


8:30am to 5:00pm


Penthouse, Don Norberto TY, Medical Towers, Manila Doctors Hospital, TM Kalaw Manila



SDG-Focused Seminar:

Corporate Rate - USD125/Php6,560

SME Rate – USD100/Php5,250

UNGC 10 Principles Seminar:

Corporate Rate – USD80/Php4,200

SME Rate – USD50/Php2,625

Packaged Fee for 3 SDG plus 10 Principles:  

Corporate Rate – USD400/Php21,000

SME Rate – USD300/Php15,750

Case Study Presentation Activity ( 1 Day, limited to 10 to 12 Groups):

Corporate Rate – USD150/Php8,250

SME Rate - USD100/Php5,500

Note: Members will be entitled an additional Php1,000 discount for packaged rate and Php2,000 with Case Study Presentation Activity

Volume Offer of 10 plus 2 Free and 5 Plus 1 Free available to Associations and Corporations.10% Discount for Members will no longer be valid for volume offer.


Find out more: CALL 6345722





Bonifacio Global City, Philippines – UN Sustainable Development Goals 2017 Pioneer, Jaime

Augusto Zobel de Ayala, shared the journey of Ayala on sustainability in an informal chat with

an exclusive group of CEOs and high-level executives held recently at the Shangri-la Hotel at

the Fort. The CEO SDG Circle Forum is one of the major initiatives of the Global Compact

Network Philippines (GCNP) this year.

The GCNP is the local entity of the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary initiative

whose primary goal is to inspire and promote collaboration primarily among business

corporations by encouraging the alignment of strategies and operations with ten universal

principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that

advance societal goals through the SDG goals and develop a sustainable community. With

more than 9,500 companies and 3,000 organizations, based in over 160 countries and more

than 70 Local Networks, it is spreading the word that companies everywhere — of all sizes

and from all sectors — can play a role in improving the world.

In the Forum, Mr. Zobel de Ayala shared that he started with 15 to 20% of his time in the late

80’s to the non-profit sector. “I tried in my own way to start making a difference in nonbusiness

issues, issues that perhaps help the country in a broad way. I lead a number of

initiatives such as chaired Children’s Hour initiative, and brought a consortium with the help

of Ayala Foundation and brought computers in public schools….”

“My thinking continued to evolve: using the concept of shared value from Harvard School…

about beginning to align the goals of the company with the development goals of the


Mr. Zobel de Ayala continued to explain that he started to transform Ayala about 15 years

ago and made it more relevant to the needs of the country, by developing products and

services which also touch low income groups. He highlighted the importance of promoting

the spirit of bayanihan and of aligning the goals of the corporation with the national

development goals of the country because it makes the organization more relevant.

On the SDG, Mr. Zobel de Ayala said that “The SDG.….. is an extraordinary framework. It’s

clear. People are aligning to it globally. It’s United Nations-driven.” He felt that most

companies are judged by Profit and Loss statements but it was equally important to look at

how companies can contribute to issues like employment or health and be able to put a

framework around it. He felt that it is time for private corporations to be recognized for such


Mr. Jose Teodoro “TG” Limcaoco, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Sustainability

Officer and Managing Director of Ayala Corporation also joined the discussion and explained

why SMEs can follow the sustainable path. With SMEs contributing to 99% of the

employment of the country, Mr. Limcaoco explained that SME need only to take one or two

SDGs that are relevant to its business to start with. It is more important to find out what

would work well for the business so that it can also help grow the business and the community

it operates in.

Mr. Limcaoco also mentioned that sustainability can equal to profitability. This has been

proven by the way Ayala has established its operations around sustainability. “It is about

building business models around sustainability”, said Limcaoco.

The United Nations and the GCNP presented a plaque of recognition to Mr. Jaime Augusto

Zobel de Ayala in the recently concluded CEO SDG Circle Forum. 

Photo 1:

Mr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala as guest speaker at the recently concluded CEO SDG Circle


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For more information on the GCNP, please visit

or contact the GCNP Secretariat at 634-5722 and through email address




GCNP held its SDG Kick-Start Workshop and Stakeholder Mapping last November 29, 2017 to discuss the focused SDG goals and how to collaborate to achieved these goals in the country. All stakeholders will be invited such as the business sector, government, UN Philippines, UN Global Compact, NGOs, business associations, academe and youth.  



Date: November 29, 2017 

Venue: Tower Club, 33rd Floor , Philamlife Tower, 8767 Paseo de Roxas, Makati 

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.   


1. WELCOME REMARKS by Network Representative/Chairperson Yayu Javier   

2. OPENING PRESENTATION by UN Philippines Description: This was the first address giving an introduction to the SDGs, why they are an opportunity for businesses in the Philippines and joint efforts with GCNP.      

3.  UN GLOBAL COMPACT PRESENTATION by Meng Liu, Head, Asia and Oceania Networks, United Nations Global Compact Description: This was the official UN Global Compact address made at the event giving an introduction to the 10 Principles and its importance as a base foundation to achieve the 17 SDGs worldwide, making Global Goals Local Business. Presentation of SDG New Tools kits for 2018 that may be used by GCNP members.   

4. INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER ON SDG PIONEERS – Mr. TG Limcaoco (on behalf of JAZA) plus video message of JAZA Description: An inspirational talk on Ayala’s commitment to SDG , the 10 principles and its support to GCNP and UN Global Compact.    

5. NEDA Assistant Director Myrna Clara B. Asuncion  Description: An overview of the SDG achievements of the government and the SDG focus of the country for 2018.   

6. UNDP Country Director Titon Mitra  Description: Presentation of the Philippine Transformational Business report and other initiatives   

7.  LOCAL SDG Programs by the Business SectorPANEL Description: A number of short inspirational talks from companies that have shown that advancing the SDGs is great for business.  


Manila Doctors –   Levi Grace Ambon-Rota, Senior Social Worker 

Nestle Philippines – Patricia Rabat, Corporate Affairs Executive · 

Landbank  - FVP Elcid C. Pangilinan, Head of the Strategic Planning Group  

Shell – Sankie Sibulan,  Social Performance and Social Investment Manager 

Philippine Marketing Association – Arlene Padua, 2017 President   -  


This is the most basic of the suggested workshop tools. The purpose was to develop a common understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in a country when it comes to turning SDGs into business opportunities.        


Description: This tool was used after the Dot Voting session and built on the insights generated. It helped develop understanding of which stakeholders need to be engaged to unlock opportunities based on current strengths. Each table was assigned one SDG.   The insights created in the stakeholder maps were gathered and used for reporting back to participants and to the UN Global Compact.       

10. Presentation of the Tables Description   


Description: Summing-up of the workshop, possible next steps and important messages for participants to take home.    

To find out how to participate, call the GCNP Secretariat at 634-5722 or email us.

Winning the Throne Through Sustainability Leadership


The United Nations Global Compact Asia and Oceania Network Head , Ms. Meng Liu, was one of the speakers for the Philippine Marketing Association's Game of Marketing last November 27 and spoke about the importance of the UN Global Compact's 10 Principles and 17 SDG in achieving the sustainable development goals of the country.  Ms. Liu explained how implementing SDGs can be a strategy in winning throne of business. 

Agora Table Talks On Sustainability


In partnership with PMA, the key topic of Unilever's Chairman Benjie Yap spoke about Unilever's sustainable programs at the Agora Table held last May 2017. This was a by-invitation-only C-suite roundtable discussion that was also the venue to promote UN Global Compact's Local Network.